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Joint Workshop with the Blighted Building Comittee




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Discussion of proposed amendments to the Zoning Code regarding Corridor Overlay, other standards and results of the property survey and analysis, E. Jackson Street.


Meeting History

Nov 14, 2018 4:00 PM  Planning & Zoning Commission Workshop
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Vice Chairman Sherry Roddy opened the workshop at 4:02 PM. Lata Krishnarao made the Blighted Building presentation and discussed the corridor overlay and the codes involved. Board Member John Vonderau inquired about enforcing upkeep after landscape requirements. Board Member Sherry Roddy asked about the enforcement of non-conforming properties. Lata suggested that some of the ordinances such as outdoor storage, be reviewed and adjusted. She also said that when working with the citizens in the corridor, some things can be worked out and that the Board of Adjustments would be where citizens could be referred to. She went on to say that some codes such as parking lot pavement should not be negotiated. For enforcement, she suggested that our city attorney and municipal court judge be utilized in this process. Board Member Lily Kahn questioned signage within the corrider overlay and staff agreed on the need for this ordinance to also be addressed. Board Member Brandon Zabodyn asked where we will start. Mindi Snyder stated that there are many codes that can be enforced now and that we are ready to implement the first phase (starting at WCEC and ending at the intersection of Jackson and Mechanic) if all were on board. She proposed that we begin moving forward on this 1st section and board members agreed.