El Campo City

Meeting Topic

Request for Ambualnce Remount




El Campo EMS was successful in securing a grant for $75,000 for an Ambulance Remount that is currently needed due to the condition of the fleet and escalating maintenance costs.  A memo is attached that explains the need and this was presented to ESD#4 last week and they approved funding half of the difference that was not covered by the grant leaving a balance of $32,664.22 that is available in the EMS reserves which were estimated at $489,761 at September 30th. This funding was not included in the budget as it was not moving forward without the successful grant award but it is a definite need at this point.


Staff recommends approval of this purchase.

Meeting History

Nov 26, 2018 6:30 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

Council Member Miller made the MOTION to approve thirty-two thousand six hundred sixty-four dollars and twenty-two cents ($32,664.22) from EMS reserves for an ambulance remount and Council Member Allgayer Seconded.

MOVER:Philip Miller, Council Member
SECONDER:Jeff Allgayer, Council Member
AYES:Randy Collins, Tommy Hitzfeld, Chris Barbee, Philip Miller, Jeff Allgayer, John Hancock
ABSENT:Gloria Harris