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Staff will resume the presentation on the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update.

Meeting History

Nov 26, 2018 5:00 PM  City Council Workshop

City Manager Mindi Snyder opened the workshop with the video "Our Home Our Decision" produced by Texas Municipal League and felt this was the perfect segue into capital requirements. The current budget is very lean in spite of rising needs and demands placed on employees. The water and wastewater systems are vital to all of our community and does require maintenance along with replacement and repair when required.

City Manager Mindi Snyder continued with the comprehensive plan presentation:

The small diameter and AC pipe replacement is ongoing and unfortunately the budgeted funds are limited, the city applies for the Community Development Block Grants as frequently as allowed. The SCADA system is now complete on both the water and sewer systems. The Monseratte and Wilson plants both required several operational repairs. The updated water model is now complete and is essential in completing the impact fee study. The fencing upgrades are being worked on currently. Keep in mind that these are not all of our needs but were identified as top priorities.

The vacuum truck was identified as a invaluable piece of equipment that is used to clean out manholes, valve boxes and remove debris out of lift station wet wells. Ideally the purchase of a commercial grade unit that is truck mounted equipped with a telescoping arm and a jet system to aide in line clean-outs. This item was not able to be funded for in the FY2019 budget however, the option for a lease purchase is a viable option worth consideration. The treatment plant was recently equipped with backup generators however funds have not been available for the lift stations generators.

The Tres Palacious Creek project has obtained a Notice to Proceed and should be underway. This project was identified as a drainage concern years ago and continues to be a top priority. Blue Creek is identified as another concern and will be addressed as funding and grant opportunities become available. Coordination with TXDOT is on going. A freeboard ordinance is in the works to require all building and structures be a foot above the base flood line (100 year flood). Stormwater management is currently in our best practices program and working on the stormwater prevention program. The list of projects that are identified needing drainage improvements and street rehabilitation is addressed as funding is available but resources are very limited.

These cost our enormous and very hard to quantify. TXDOT will not secure the East Loop right-of-ways and if it is our priority it will be our responsibility to secure them. Providing an additional route / entrance for St. Like’s street and create a through fare to South Street. Improvements to Wharton Street is recommended to be a three lane and TXDOT does have this on their current plan. FM 1162 shoulder rehabilitation is needed since they are currently non-existent. Sam Bishkin extension all the way through the industrial park and Wilson Road going all the way South to Highway 59. In the near future there will be an updated thorough fare plan presented.

The opening of Legends Skate Park happened earlier this month. The original master plan for Legacy Park identified a spray park that has yet to be funded. The disc golf course is currently being considered and has been identified as a priority. The amphitheatre was also in the Legacy Park master plan and currently remains unfunded. Landscaping and maintenance is continuously ongoing and the replacement of play equipment is considered as grants and funding becomes available.

Concept master plans for Willie Bell and Friendship Parks have been completed along with a feasibility study for a new indoor recreation center. Provide improvements to existing parks and the expansion of soft programming opportunities throughout all parks is an ongoing priority that is often tabled due to budget constraints.

These are not in a ranked order of priority and we continue to do as much as we can without a tax increase. There is a greater list of needs than there is funds and we continue to work through all the priority lists.

The following list of recommendations identified in the 2017 update are all either currently being reviewed and evaluated or will be in the near future. Keep in mind these are all significantly lengthy processes and will require some time.

As you can see the needs are great and the funds are extremely limited. Lots of Cities are finding new and creative ways to generate revenue aside from a tax increase. One item previously discussed was the quarter percent (1/4 %) sales tax distribution, this option would need to be submitted to the voters.