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Zone Change Request - Applicant Jorge Yarzabal - C-2 to C-1 of 0.76 acres E. Hillje


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Zone change request of Jorge Yarzàbal (owner and applicant) for a zoning change from General Commercial District (C-2) to Light Commercial District (C-1) on approximately 0.76 acres of land generally located on the south side of E. Hillje Street (1020 - 1026 E. Hillje), between Stafford Street (212 Stafford Street) and Central Street. Property legally described as East Side Block F Lots F-7 & F-8 El Campo Texas Wharton County.

The applicant has indicated to staff that he intends to use the property for single family uses. If the zone change is approved, the applicant will need to plat the property before applying for any building permits.


Staff recommends approval of the zone change for the following reasons:

1.              The request is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.

2.              The request is compatible to the zoning of the surrounding area.

3.              The requested zone change to C-1 will permit uses that will have lesser impact on adjacent residential areas as compared to the current C-2 zone.

4.              The requested zone change will not have a detrimental impact on traffic and streets due to the nature and intensity of permitted uses in the C-1 zone.


Included in the packet is the applicants request and complete staff report.

Meeting History

Nov 14, 2018 5:00 PM  Planning & Zoning Commission Regular Meeting
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After a brief discussion, Board Member PJ.Hermann made the motion to approve the zone change request. Board Member DB Lundy seconded.

MOVER:Paul John Herrmann, Board Member
SECONDER:D. B. Lundy, Board Member
AYES:Jeff Fuechec, Sherry Roddy, John Vonderau, Brandon Zabodyn, Paul John Herrmann, Lily Khan, D. B. Lundy